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Fitness Workouts for Women

Posted on March 30 2017, 17:48pm


women fitness

If you are looking towards engaging in fitness workouts for women, ensure that you do it in the right way and perform exercises that suit your body shape.

It is advisable you drink a lot of water during the exercises and later take a light meal with a healthy drinks with many benefits such as green tea and matcha tea.

Different body shapes require different workouts as shown below.

  • Pear - This means that you are wider at the bottom than at the top. As a pear, ensure that you keep your arms and shoulders toned as you perform other pear friendly exercises.
  • Straight- A straight woman has very few curves. Focus on your waist to add more shape on it.
  • Curvy- If you are curvy, it means that your bust and hips are larger than the bust. For such a person, you will need to engage in full body muscle tone.
  • Athletic- You tend to have narrow hips and broad shoulders. Perform exercises that will tighten the core and shape your butt and thighs.
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